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Osman Ghazi Meat With Sultan Masood In Kurulus Osman Real History || Who Was Sultan Masood || History Of Sultan Masood

Friends, the defeat of the Seljuks at the hands of the Mongol commander Noyan in the Battle of Kos Dag in 1243 decided the fate of the Seljuks in Anatolia. After this defeat, Sultan Ghias-ud-Din Khikhsru went to Antalya where he died in 1246 AD After which the kingdom was divided between his three sons Khalij Arsalan IV, Azdin Kikwaz II and Allauddin Kikbad II. Who ruled over different parts of the Seljuk Empire Among them, Arsalan IV and Kikobad II were killed as a result of Mongol conspiracies, while Izz al-Din Kikaws II, 

despite being a Seljuk, regrouped and revolted against the Mongols in 1256. but they get defeated once again by commander noyan and the remaining power of seljuik in anatolia will be finished by mangols now there is a government of Mongols in Anatolia while Izz al-Din Kikaws II escaped and request to stay in bazanten , Which will be accepted And the Seljuks, whose forefathers Sultan Alp Arslan, had defeated the Byzantines at Malazgar in 1071 AD and established a government in Anatolia, were forced to take refuge in the same empire almost two hundred years later. 

Sultan Masood History
Seluk Last Sultan 

Sultan Masood was the son of Izz al-Din Kikavos II Who spent part of his life in exile with his father, Sultan Izz al-Din Kikavos, but after his father's death in exile in 1280, he returned to Anatolia and reunited with the Mongols to regain the Seljuk throne in 1284. But despite having the throne, they had no authority but the real government belonged to the Mongols Historian divide Sultan Masood government into two parts. 

For the first time he was a puppet sultan of the Mongols from 1284 to 1296 His second reign was from 1303 to 1307 History shows that Sultan Masud was a puppet sultan of the Mongols who always played an important role in subjugating the liberal Turkish tribes by attacking them on behalf of the Mongols and in general with the Mongol army. 

Their campaigns against the Gemayani and Kirmani tribes have been described in detail in history As far as Usman Ghazi is concerned, there is no mention of any meeting between Sultan Masood and Usman Ghazi or any method of providing assistance to Usman Ghazi by Sultan Masood. 

In 1297 in an atmosphere characterized by intrigue and near constant revolt against the distant Ilkhan authority, both on the part of Mongol officers and local Turkmen potentates, the hapless Masud was implicated in a plot against the Ilkhanate. He was pardoned but deprived of his throne and confined in Tabriz.

 He was replaced with Kayqubad III Let me tell you that in the Seljuk Empire of Rome there were three sultans named Sultan Aladdin Kiqbad. The first Sultan Aladdin's qabad first which is shown in dirilis ertugrul. His reign in history is called the golden age of Seljuk history. Sultan Aladdin II was his grandson while Aladdin III was his grandson. Described in history as the nephew of Sultan Kikaus Kayqubad III was an important sultan in Seljuk history. 

Sultan Masood The Great Seljuk Last Sultan

It would not be wrong to call him the brave Shah Zafar of the Turks, because he too, fed up with the oppression of the Mongols, revolted against the Mongols along with the Turkmen tribes. It is written about him in history that Kakwas II expressed his heartfelt joy at the conquests of Usman Ghazi in the name of Seljuk and Islam and he was given the title of Border Guard and Usman Shah. 

History also mentions the edict of Sultan Kakbad according to which he exempted Usman Ghazi from all kinds of taxes and also gave him the rule of all the lands which were conquered by Usman Ghazi. The Sultan also sent gifts to Usman Ghazi, one of which included a drum and a sword to guide the soldiers in battle. In addition, Usman Ghazi was given the authority to issue sermons and coins in his name in his areas According to Ottoman traditions, Sultan Kakbad III visited the Qai tribe during an expedition. When the drums were beaten on his arrival, 

History Of Sultan Masood || Sultan Masood History English

Usman Ghazi stood in his honor and remained standing until the drums that were played to announce the arrival of the Sultan. Keep ringing It is said that after that day, the true Ottoman soldiers used to stand in honor of their Sultan on his arrival. However, friends, in 1302, the Mongols arrested and martyred Sultan Kakbad III on charges of rebellion against the Mongols, after which Sultan Masood, imprisoned in Tabriz, was released and re-established as the Seljuk Sultan in 1303. 

Where he remained sultan until 1308 AD. After 1308 AD, both the Seljuk Empire and Sultan Masud disappeared from the pages of history forever. What happened to Sultan Masood is not clear from history but it is said that he was killed by palace conspiracies or by the Mongols. After disappearing from the pages of history for centuries, 

some researchers have traced the tomb of Sultan Masoud in 2015 in the Turkish city of Samsun, where some ancient inscriptions indicate that it was the tomb of Sultan Masood, the last Seljuk Sultan. However, friends, the reason for including Sultan Maqsood in Kurlous Osman may be that he was the last Seljuk Sultan, but the services of Sultan Aladdin Kakbad III to the Turks should not be forgotten. So maybe in the coming season 3 you will get to see the character of Sultan Kakbad III

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