Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour | Marine Drive | Travel South Pakistan

In 'Majestic Balochistan' series, we are visiting Gawadar. We went to Koh i Batil and viewed city in last episode. We also went to beautiful rGawada cricket stadium which is situated with Koh i Batil. We saw local life on jetty as well. We will visit Sunset Viewpoint and Hammer Head. We will spend night time on Marine Drive. We will have lunch before starting our trip. Get connected to the past and let's find some food. We roamed Gawadar bazar but could not find something proper to eat. I did not eat due to untidy place. 

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I have requested my hotel staff to serve us food. It's lunch break, let's go. Here's the fish which dominates menu in this city. There are 6 varieties and I asked them to serve us their best one. A couple of people recommended me this fish. I have already eaten two pieces. It has seeds on it and I ate the same fish last night. It is fried like Dabu chicken. 

Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour
Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour

It is exquisite. I ate it last night. Chicken Plao and Mong pulse is also on our menu. Subhan Allah. As I told you that it is sea fish and the people who eat fresh water fish, find a specific smell in it, but it has no smell at all. I will give it 10/10 marks and put some onion on it. We tried to have some traditional food of Gawadar

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 but we did not eat due to unhygienic scene. We are still eating their local dishes. They eat it locally. In North, they eat red beans just like that, here people are eating Pulse. It is just like home made dish with moderate spices.  Palao is also good. Try it first before becoming decent on video.  

When you travel towards PC hotel form Gawadaity r c, turn right from the last road on Koh i Batil. You will reach at the end of this road while traveling along the Arabian Sea. There is Sunset View Park on the right of this road. This small but beautiful park is under construciton. A rough is going down from parking side. You get this breathtaking view from car parking. This trail will lead towards hammer head beach. It is an easy track and families can go there. We came to Sunset Viewpoint park but thanks to the management who kicked us out and we reached here. 

Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour | Marine Drive | Travel South Pakistan

it is far more beautiful than that as you can see. Should I get out of the frame? I want to show you this point. Here is Rustam Bhai. I knew. Faisal Bhia is guiding us. Faisal Bhai, we are just coming. The water is green on the beach and blue in the deep. There is yellow sand and light yellow mountains. This is a majestic scene. Very few people come here because there are no commercial activities. But the beauty of this place will attract a lot of people soon. It's beauty has captivated me. CPEC Authority and Gawadar Authority have offered an attractive job to Mr. Abdul Rehman. 

Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour | Marine Drive | Travel South Pakistan

You have to send back these waves with a viper. You will get Rs. 50000 and unlimited bathing. Let me show you your work station. Mr. Butt has got a chance of self promotion. Let's see how does it look here. We will set it later on. Write it one go and then we will set it. It is a very beautiful place. Very, very beautiful. It took me a lot of time to write Grip on Trip in the handwriting of doctors. I will take a drone shot. Here comes my hand written master piece. Check, how is it looking? I hope you will not unsubscribe my channel after watching this Grip on Trip. It is a very beautiful sea. I enjoyed a lot here. It seems more golden that the famous Golden Beach. Track is short but really beautiful and easily accessible. I showed you the proper path for families. You reach here in 2 to 3 minutes after parking vehicle. No network signal is available here which is good. 

Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour

I am walking in water and with air. I absorbing this scene with a free mind. As a Pakistani, I am thanking Allah SWT for blessing us with such a beautiful country. It's about to get dark, let's go back. We returned to hotel after visiting hammer head beach. We charged drone battery and went to Marine Drive. My hotel is on Marine Drive and I came here while walking. We have come many times and spent time at night. Safety and overall experience is very good. We talked to people here. Thanks God, we recorded drone shots. I feared that my drone will create problem because it requires specific amount of light. It flew easily and captured the colour of water also. It has been the best experience. 

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We are walking on this 2.5 to 3 km long road. Marine Drive is way more beautiful than it is looking in this video at the moment. The real time to enjoy its beauty is night time. It is hotter during day time. Alhamdulillah! We recorded finest places one after an other. We came back to Marine Drive from hotel. This road has defeated all previous places. The feeling at night is very satisfying. Lights and bluish sea. Water is up due to full moon. Children were playing cricket here yesterday. They had a ledside boundary, it was so low. We saw a snake today. The snake looked at Abdul Rehman and said, "Oh, snake!" Snake disappeared in water. How is this drive? It is fantastic. We were about our security before coming to Gawadar

Amazing Gawadar Beach Tour

It is about 11:30 pm and we are freely moving here. We are safe even with our gadgets. Hats off to army that they have managed things effectively and ensured safety of the people here. People are satisfied and thankful. Our experience on Koh i Batil was full of joy as you saw. We went to cricket stadium. We did not play a match in the evening. 

We went to watch cricket. Where did we go after that? Sunset Viewpoint. That was the most fascinating place for us in the sense that we did not notice time there. We could not notice when did Sun set and we did a lot of activities there and roamed about as well. It was one of the finest beaches we have visited. I used to praise Yacht Lemani of Turkey a lot. 

It is far better than that. There are more places but we have to return tomorrow. Inshallah. Your feedback will let us know that either we should come back or not. Subscribe Grip on Trip and don't forget to comment. Allah Hafiz! Balochistan journey is going on in Grip on Trip. If you want to watch amazing travel on Coastal Highway, Click Here! If you want to visit a lush green track in Galiyat, channel. 

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